True horsemanship is based on deep connection between the horse and human.
Our inner state is reflecting on our horses.To be a good partner and leader for my horse it starts with my autentic self. When I am present and open I am ready to connect. Love is the foundtation. Open your heart.

27. februar 2013

100 years old sleigh

This is a childhood dream come true! I now have a sleigh for my horse. This sleigh is about 100 years old and was renovated by my father last year. This model was very popular in Norway in early 1900. It is only place for two people and it has quite light weigh. They  where used for fast transport or trotting competitions on iced lakes. Taktur loves it because of the light weight - and he runs like he is on fire!

28. desember 2012

Winter in Oslo

Maridalen, Oslo.

Beautiful view to the north.

Branntomta - Fagervann - Båhus

15. juli 2012

Mountain trip - Jøronnatten - 1275 meters

Bø Turlag

The highest peak in Bø, where I grew up is Jøronnatten. The top is 1275 meters above sea level. I don`t recommend anyone to take their horses here, unless they are small and very confident in difficult terrain. But is is a very good trip! From the parking lot and up to the top it is almost 5 kilometers and 750 meters elevation. In the steepest parts he had to canter to get up, and I had to run with him. Moving big rocks (scree) was a challenge with Takturs four legs, but he stayed calm and moved one leg at a time without getting trapped between any rocks. Taktur had his Easyboot Glove on the hoofs and it worked very well on the rocks.

My father, Taktur and I 

30. august 2011

26. august 2011

Carriage Driving

I started driving with Taktur more than 10 years ago. Last year I invested in a new carriage and harness. As Taktur is getting older I find it very nice to train him more and more without sitting on his back. The driving challenges is muscles differently to, and it has made him stronger. We drive on the roads and in the forest. Best of all, Taktur really enjoys it.





19. august 2011

Taktur - running free

I look at my horse, and I just think he looks more beautiful than ever. He is certainly getting older, and I am starting to adjust training and feeding as far as my knowledge goes. We have been training a bit different the last years with less riding. I run with him on a long rope in the forest, I work him dressage by hand from the ground, and we drive with the carriage. I just ride him a couple a times a week, and then I ride mostly dressage in the arena - witch he still is very motivated for.. He did respond in a positive way after treatment with kinesiology/chiropractics during a few sessions the last year. 

Taktur with the herd of icelandcs at Hørte

The grey hairs are starting to appear .

Pictures by Elisabeth Eika and Ann Kristin Kåsin

8. august 2011

Training with Glirtna and Jarl

Glirtna and Jarl are bouth from Iceland, and belongs to my friends, Elisabeth and Ann Kristin. Their training has been mostly groundwork without riders and light riding in on the roads and nature. I have been given permission to ride them in the arena, slowly presenting for them the principles of the aids in dressage. 

17. juli 2011

Dressage - summer 2011

The past week I found some inspiration to train dressage. Taktur has been lovely to work with, and is always improving. It is challenging to ride dressage on a Icelandic horse because of the size and the gaits. When I look at old pictures I can see that we have learned something. My goal in dressage is to make my horse sound, flexible and strong, and for me to achieve coordination and balance to be a better rider. Riding dressage is just a part of our training.

 Pictures taken by Elisabeth Eika, Telemark
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