True horsemanship is based on deep connection between the horse and human.
Our inner state is reflecting on our horses.To be a good partner and leader for my horse it starts with my autentic self. When I am present and open I am ready to connect. Love is the foundtation. Open your heart.

17. september 2009

The Dressage in the Fourth Dimension Expirience

I had the privilege to take the first part of this clinic series and meet Sherry Ackerman in her home at Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta is located in northern California, and this volcano mountain has the magic and the most perfect beautiful surroundings for a real Fourth Dimension experience.

Sherry absolutely has what it takes to teach such an integrated clinic. The days where thoroughly planned so that everything was flowing almost by itself. I had lessons of yoga, meditation, philosophy and psychology. And of course, there were several lessons with dressage riding and theory. All off this was put together in a way that allowed me go even deeper in my understanding of relating to horses and riding dressage.

The morning started with some fresh air Yoga. The Yoga lessons had the purpose to enhance the body awareness, to notice where the body can be softer. It also teaches how it feels to stretch, like we always ask the horse to do in dressage, and it is not always that comfortable.

I got closer to the horse I was riding every day. Lippy challenged me a lot where I needed to change my attitude, attention and balance.
Lippy and Sherry taught me how to strengthen my intention and energy into the dressage and the movements.

One of the things that made a lot of difference in my dressage-riding  is the awareness of how to use the Psoas-musculature. Knowing of to use them is really a key to good riding. My own horse was amazed when I got back.

This first clinic comes with a workbook which was great during the clinic and now is a wonderful resource when I continue to work with processes that was initiated or strengthened during the clinic.

I think this kind of clinic is especially interesting if one has their own students, because it offers so many tools that helps one understand many more of the issues that comes up for all riders in the process of training dressage.

Sherry Ackerman is the author of the book Dressage in the Fourth Dimension.

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  1. Så spennede. Den boken skal jeg kikke nærmere på! Hilsen Eli og Miska


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