True horsemanship is based on deep connection between the horse and human.
Our inner state is reflecting on our horses.To be a good partner and leader for my horse it starts with my autentic self. When I am present and open I am ready to connect. Love is the foundtation. Open your heart.

17. september 2009

Horses for Life

I love my subscription to the web-magazine Horses for Life. I have looked at it many times, but some weeks ago I decided to actually pay to get full access to all the back issues. It is just perfect for me when I have some time by myself on the couch with my laptop and need some input and inspiration. I like the fact that it is a online magazine, because I don’t need to store it to keep it when I want to get back to an article sometime later. Horses for life covers all of of what interests me about horses today – classical dressage, biomechanics, philosophy, mythic, horsemanship and a broader perspective about our relationship to horses. Enjoy!!

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