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17. august 2010

Dressage and Biomechanics

Trough dressage we can train the horse more elastic and strong. The horse will then become healthier and better prepared for the riders weight.

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Participants, assitants and teachers

In July 2010 I attended a week long seminar with dressage trainer Alexandra Myhren and Veterinary Tone Lygren. Tone is a horse vet, doing a PhD in tendon strength in horses.

Tone was explaning goals of dressage trough biomechanics

Tone has a special interest for understanding the anatomical function of the horse and how we can influence the horse`s movements in a healthy way. She bases a lot of her teaching on actual scientific results. She explained to us the recent studies done in this field. Tone discussed why different head positions have different effects on the horse`s movements trough an anatomical understanding.

We learned to recognize anatomical features that might be a challenge when we want a horse to be a sound dressage horse. In individual lessons we where guided to be aware of the quality of the movement towards our goal of a more elastic and engaged horse.

Tone is conducting seminars in Denmark and Norway – and I strongly recommend these to everyone that wants to gain more knowledge and understanding about the horse`s biomechanics in riding.
Her website is:

Dressage lessons on Bucanero

The dressage lessons where excellent. I rode the PRE gelding Bucanero, wich I have ridden once in a while for some years. Alexandra has a unique positivity and natural teaching skills combined with a deep respect for the horse and the rider. She started to teach me dressage 3 years ago, and it really works!

Bucanero - a lovely horse to ride

This a short clip from the riding lessons:

(the clip is added in April 2011)

Alexandra Myhren has this website:

All photos wher taken by Hanne Bratholm.

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