True horsemanship is based on deep connection between the horse and human.
Our inner state is reflecting on our horses.To be a good partner and leader for my horse it starts with my autentic self. When I am present and open I am ready to connect. Love is the foundtation. Open your heart.

5. august 2009

Manifesto to my horse - expressing my intentions

Taktur and I have spent 11 years together. Hour after hour, day after day we have been communicating in a non-verbal way, learning with each other.
This morning I tried to verbalize my true intentions for my relationship with my horse, and it came out like this:

Dear Taktur, my horse

This is my manifesto in my relation to you:

• I am your guide in the world of humans and I feel obliged to take care of all your needs in every dimension as long as you live
• I know you are free and that no one can ever own you
• I wish to give you the space you need, so that you can show me your needs and limits
• I will present you my limits in a precise and gentle way
• I wish to see you evolve so that you can continue to give the world your gifts
• I will support you. I will show you and the world how beautiful and wise you are
• I will clearly show you how grateful I am for everything you are, and for every second you bring me closer to reality and love

I love You

8 kommentarer:

  1. You bring tears to my eyes Elise..:)

  2. Vakkert.

    Og akkurat som jeg skulle sagt det selv. Det er slik jeg føler det med Miska også.

  3. I really admire this idea and the way your wrote this. You have very lucky horses.

  4. Lovely...I'm inspired...and now i will compose a manifesto to my young horse as our journey is so young. What a great idea. I always said in the past that there are people doing wonderful things with horses all over the world - we just don't know about them, and here i find another thanks to the www!

  5. Words of wisdom for any relationship we wish to nuture

    So grateful to have met you!

  6. All teary here too :) Your horse is lucky to have you!

  7. Hej Elise, vilken fin och inspirerande blogg. Jag tar till mig detta i mitt hästliv. // Charlotte, Sverige


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